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For those who like to continue to enjoy a bath, there are a range of alternatives depending on your mobility. Shallow baths or Walk in baths can be ideal if you who have difficulty in raising or lowering yourself into a conventional bathing position. Powered baths, bath lifts and hoists can all help you to continue to enjoy a bath.

It is important to get the bath that is right for you, our Occupational Therapist can advise you, please contact us for further details


Shallow Baths


Shallow baths are not as deep as standard baths and can be easier to step into and out of.  There are many different aids which can also help with getting into and out of a more conventional bath.  




The Coniston provides easy access (which can be as low as 120mm) and a contoured seat. The hot water is thermostatically controlled to provide safe, comfortable bathing.

The Cotswold provides a conventional full-length bath but with the advantage of the walk-in facility provided by a door at one end. For many this gives the best of both worlds, giving convenient access but still allowing recumbent bathing.The alternative lengths make it adaptable to most bathrooms.

The bath is available with a range of colour options and a choice of brassware.




The Windsor 3 power traverse bath not only comes complete with a built-in seat lift but it also swings the user over the bath and has a leg lift to lift the patient's legs over the side of the bath.

It is the deepest bath of its kind available and offers a range of options such as support strap and nursing arms for additional support.


This bath lift was designed in close consultation with both professional carers and a variety of users, to ensure that it offers an excellent bathing experience.  It offers impressive legroom, sits low in the bath and is one of the lightest battery-powered bath lifts available.

The unique design also allows fitment in almost any style of bath, making it a highly versatile and great all-round bath lift.




A bath hoist is another option to help you transfer in and out of a bath safely.
Shower Commode Chair  

This shower commode chair is versatile with features such as adjustable footrests and seat height. The chair is made to be robust and durable for use in water. This model can also be used as a commode and is supplied with a sanitary pan and holder.


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It is important to get the right equipment for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements with our Occupational Therapist.