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If you have mobility difficulties or a physical disability it is important that you can fully and safely access all areas of your home. This should include all living areas, such as a home office, kitchen and dining area, or an accessible play area for a child.

Home Independence Services offers a flexible approach to improving access throughout the home.

Stairlifts and Through Floor Lifts

We work with leading companies such as Stannah, helping you to identify the right lift for your needs and to suit the layout of your home.

General Access Around The Home

In addition to the services we provide for specific rooms of your home, we also provide advice and completion of adaptations which help to maximise your mobility and safety. This can include improving wheelchair access.

We can help to improve general access by:

  • Widening of doorways
  • Appropriately positioned grab rails
  • Constructing internal ramps


Home Independence Services can provide full home extensions which enable our clients to overcome access difficulties or to create the ideal home layout.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion about your needs.