Bathroom Adaptations

Michael has advanced Parkinson’s disease and his daughter referred him to Home Independence Services to carry out a home assessment to look at what may help Michael and his family at home.

One of our Occupational Therapists carried out an assessment with Michael and his family to look at what equipment or adaptations may help to enable him to retain his independence at home for as long as possible, and to support his family and carers within their caring roles.

Michael was experiencing difficulties in the following areas due to his reduced mobility, periods of rigidity and reduced function associated with the latter stages of Parkinson’s disease.


  • Safe access to his upstairs bedroom
  • Access to suitable washing facilities
  • Toilet transfers
  • Chair transfers
  • Bed transfers
  • Access in / out of the property due to several stone steps in place

Our OT carried out a full home assessment with Michael, his wife and his daughter in law and offered the following recommendations which were all implemented:

New sleeping quarters

Michael’s bed be brought downstairs and consideration be given to ground floor living.

En Suite Bathroom

An en suite bathroom be created leading off the downstairs front room which was to become Michael’s bedroom. This involved converting the existing adjacent downstairs cloakroom and part of the proposed bedroom area into a wet room with a toilet and basin. This work was successfully managed from inception to completion by Home Independence Services .

Custom Designed WC

A glide about wheeled commode was recommended which Michael transferred onto in the bedroom and was wheeled over the toilet pan to support with toilet transfers. Michael also purchased a toilet frame.

Fully Supported

Our OT offered support with sourcing the right equipment to support transfers.A nationwide company carried out a home visit and we trailed various stand aids including a rota stand and a patient turner with Michael and the one that met his needs the best was purchased by the family.

Access Ramp

A modular ramp was constructed at the front of the property to offer wheelchair access in / out of Michael’s home.

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