Adaptations for home independence

Our expert team work with clients to ensure their short and long term needs are met within the home environment.

Our holistic approach begins with one of our Occupational Therapy team visiting the home to complete an assessment to evaluate what equipment, support or home modifications are required, to improve safety and independence at home.

From this start point and the recommendations and specifications we provide, our team can work flexibly to assist you in creating your ideal home environment, taking into account your needs and preferences, as well as other family members.

From Minor to Major

Adaptations can be minor, like support rails, and ramps, or major such as bathrooms changing to incorporate a level access shower, or creating an accessible kitchen or even extensions to the family home to promote independent living.

Bathroom adaptations

Advice and information on level access showers, specialist baths and bathing equipment

Creating accessible kitchens

Wheelchair accessible kitchens, designed to include adjustable height worktops, side opening ovens, drop down baskets and pull out heat proof work surfaces

Overcoming access issues internally

These may include changes such doorway widening, stairlifts, through floor lifts

Overcoming access issues externally

Examples include steplifts for wheelchair access, level access paved areas, ramps, etc

Reconfiguring rooms to create a suitable environment

For example creating a space suitable for downstairs living

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