Children & Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Our specialist paediatric Occupational Therapy team work with children of all ages, covering requirements in the home, nursery or at school.

Holistic and Child Centred

Our approach involves assessing a child in their environment to build an accurate picture of their functional performance with activities of daily living. Areas that we work in include:

Seating and Postural Management

Expert advice and guidance to help maximise comfort and independence

Moving & Handling

Solutions proven to reduce risks and solve the challenges involved

Specialist Equipment Needs

Guidance and impartial advice before you purchase along with with training and support after

Home Adaptations

From minor to major adaptations we have the skills and experience to you have future proof solutions in place and that you avoid costly mistakes

Input into Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) and Tribunals

Help and advice in EHCP submissions to ensure that the educational, health and care needs of a young person are fully met

Our assessments include discussions with family members, health professionals, staff at school, and other relevant parties. With a wealth of experience in a range of Paediatric conditions ranging from complex physical needs and learning difficulties, through to sensory issues, our team devise solutions to maximise independence and promote engagement to help children reach their potential.

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