Property Search Services

Our property search services are Occupational Therapist led. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of your unique needs both now and in future, as well as any specialist equipment or adaptation considerations, which need to be taken into account

Whether a property is to be rented or purchased, it is vital to be able to come up with a shortlist of properties that include details on adaptation potential (including potential costs), challenges to be overcome, and positives / negatives to be considered, in order to aid informed decision making and avoid costly mistakes.

Working closely with you to understand your issues and preferences, our expert team of Occupational Therapists and Surveyors can help to take the stress out of identifying and selecting properties and work with you up to and beyond the purchase of your next home.

Areas that we can help with

Property Search & Selection

Helping you to arrive at a defined shortlist

Adaptations Potential

Including likely costs and potential planning issues

Specialist Equipment Considerations

Example: Feasibility of what can go where


Up to and beyond purchase or the big move

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